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Start Your Exploration of Oaxaca with a Fun-Filled Afternoon of Food, Culture and History.

Sample 20+ delicious food and drink tastings from well-known and off-the-beaten-path restaurants. Savor a rich mole, discover the complex flavors of a chile en nogada, and learn the proper way to taste or “kiss” mezcal. Experience the city with a local expert and settle into the easy rhythm of Oaxaca.

Mezcal, Mole y Más!

Discover what Oaxaca Eats in 4 hours! Taste traditional Oaxacan food and drink on a laid-back walking tour to 4 sit-down restaurants. Meet the people behind the food, make new friends, and support local charities with your ticket purchase.

Dig Into Our Sampling Of 5-Star Reviews

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Terrific tour!! Highly recommended.

We had a great time on our Oaxaca Eats tour with our very sweet and knowledgeable tour guide, Alexa. We learned a lot about Oaxaca, in addition to eating and learning about many of the traditional foods and beverages. The food was exceptional, the tour was very well designed with different food and beverage at each of the 4 restaurants we went to. And the organizers were attentive to everyone's individual dietary needs. Wonderful, fun afternoon in Oaxaca. Thanks Kay, Dean and Alexa

– Gail B. | Tripadvisor
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Do Not Miss This Tour!

If you have time for only one tour, this is the one! In 4 hours, you will get a taste of every flavor of Oaxaca. Our tour guide Emilia is amazing- knowledgeably guiding us through the streets of Oaxaca while sharing the city’s rich history. The owners Kay and Dean met with our group at the beginning and end of the tour. They are great and were able to provide a wealth of helpful information. Now to the food. In one acronym, this is what I have to say. OMG!!!!!!!! If you are a foodie, this tour is one you should not miss.

– Elizabeth P. | Tripadvisor
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Amazing experience

Lorena our guide was fantastic helping to understand the food, the culture and history. The pace of the tour was perfect and all of the restaurants were prepared for us and very welcoming with each offering something different from the one before. The food was fantastic and gave insight to the food scene in Oaxaca. I am so pleased we went on this tour with a week to go as now we have a list of places we can now explore and enjoy. This tour is a must for appreciating what Oaxaca has to offer. Well worth the money paid.

– Sandy P. | Tripadvisor
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Last year we took the gourmet food tour. When we saw Oaxaca Eats had a NEW Sunset Mezcal Tour we immediately booked this trip for our first night in Oaxaca. The selections of terraces to visit was remarkable. The education about mezcal production and the types was wonderful.....and we’re from California wine country. The Sunset Tour lived up to the reputation of Oaxaqueno food and hospitality. And our guide was very knowledgeable. As usual, Kay and Dean were super hosts. Next year .....a ChocolateTour?

– Barbara S. | Tripadvisor
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Fantastic food experience in Oaxaca!

I had such a good time with Oaxaca Eats! We went to 4 different restaurants/cafés and a local food stall where we tried amazing food and drinks and were also able to prepare salsas and tortillas on our own. Our tour guide was fluent in English and Spanish and had great knowledge not only about the food but also about Oaxaca, its people and culture! I also loved the familiar and relaxed atmosphere! Thumbs up, highly recommended and worth every penny :-)

– Katja R. | Tripadvisor
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Great afternoon

What a great tour with delicious food and drink. A very well organized company with excellent guides. Dean (owner) and Joel (guide) were so welcoming and interested in our Oaxacan experiences, giving more suggestions of things to do and where to eat. The businesses that they feature on the tour presented their food and drink beautifully and were very proud to share with us. We sampled a wide range of food and of course mezcal. It was a wonderful afternoon and I would highly recommend it.

– Lisa A. | Tripadvisor

Begin Your Food Journey with Oaxaca Eats Food Tours!

In a city famous for its food, knowing where to start can be a challenge. Join us for an afternoon walking tour to sample, sip, and learn about the delicious food and drink of Oaxaca. You’ll be planning your next visit before the tour ends!